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Organisational question.

Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:44

I have a question: are the medical detachments of a combat unit providing first echelon care from an organisational pov part of a medical bn ( providing second echelon care) or not? So would a medic in an armored infantry unit in the 4th AD be a member of the 46th armored med bn or be completely seperate from it?


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Re: Organisational question.

Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:58


I am sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know the Med Bn of an Armored Division (Light) performed Second Echelon Medical Service for the Division and provided Medical Supplies for all units of the Division with its own Armd Bn personnel.
First echelon Medical treatment would have been done by personnel of the Medical detachments or individuals of every unit of which they would have been an integral part. This personnel would have had a specific Medical MOS (Military Operational Specialty) but would have been a member of the specific unit and he would have been listed on the appropriate TO&E

Practically a Medic from the Armored Inf Bn would have worn the crests of the Inf, but with Medical Collar Discs and Medical Piping on his garrison cap...
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Re: Organisational question.

Sat Feb 16, 2013 20:40

I concur - the first responders (Company aid men) were organic to the Rifle Company, with all additional litter carriers coming from the regimental or division's Service Company and the Battalion Aid Station, which was part of the Medical Battalion's compliment. Other units might be assigned bearer duty, including cooks, drivers, QM troops, etc. Medics assigned to the Med Bn were used to supplement the line medics if need be.

As I understand it, traditionally the aid men (medics) were the first to administer care and triage, the litter bearers evacuated to the Battalion aid station (100 to 1000' from the front line). A Regimental aid station could provide additional care or just supplement the other aid stations. The Collecting Company rounded up casualties from aid stations to the collection station (frequently 1000' back from the aid station) and to evac to a field hospital for treatment.

At any point the soldier could be treated and returned to the line, or allowed to rest pending evacuation or return to duty.
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