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Recreating an M2 Jungle 1st aid kit?

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 05:22
by bellumbill
Hello all - New to the forum - posted a brief bio in the "Introduce yourself section". I am a long time reenactor/collector in the US, followed this site for some time but finally got off my butt and joined up.

I am currently trying to put together a recreated M2 jungle 1st aid kit for my US/USMC PTO kit. I have begun by purchasing what I think is a very nice repro of the M2 pouch from At The Front and would like to fill it with reproduced items to wear in the field at events. Lets begin item by item. I figure the small carlisle bandage can be gotten cheaply in either original or repro form so that is taken care of. Next, I have acquired a nice reproduction Frazer's solution bottle with label that fits the bill nicely. That's a biggie to have checked off! After that comes the insect repellent - here again I think that original bottles are easily and cheaply acquired and since I don't know of anyone reproducing these this may be the only way to go. I have several repro sulfa pill packages so ok there. Atabrine Vial, well I have the vial but require the label - I assume that I can get that from somewhere or someone on this site? The last three items is where it gets a bit tricky. I have some loose Halazone bottles but they are getting a bit scarce and I hate to use one. So, the next step would be to find a label and then find a bottle that matches. Anyone have any suggestions? Next is the iodine tube - I figure if I can acquire a repro label I can simply affix that to a balsa wood dowel and have a nice looking facsimilie of the real deal. SO, the question here is does anyone have or know where to get a PDF of the iodine label complete with skull and crossbones? Lastly, and I don't even know if these can be reproduced in any way, are the plasters, or bandaids as we call them across the pond. :) I would love to hear any suggestions from you experts on how these may be reproduced - and by this I mean simply the label - I can always stick modern day plasters/bandaids inside.

Well, there you have my latest project! I very much appreciate your taking the time to read through it! I would LOVE to hear any input, ideas, opinions, feedback and suggestions about my project.


Bill K.

Re: Recreating an M2 Jungle 1st aid kit?

Posted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 13:05
by Andrewb
Hi Bill

Welcome to the forum. There are plenty of knowlegeable people here so I hope you find the information you are looking for.

Sounds like you have an interesting project. I can well understand not wanting to use original items.

Regarding the 'band aids' they should not be too difficult to produce. Essentially a few different companies produced these. All the wrappers are made from a waxed semi opaque paper similar to tracing paper. The logo and information is printed on the paper in a repeating pattern. This paper was cut to size and folded around the band aids.

How are you with using graphics programs such as paint etc? I have some scans (somwhare) of various stick band wrappers as I was going to try this myself.

If you like pm me and I can forward the scans + photos etc if you want to try.. All you would need to do is isolate the graphics/text, clean the image up a bit and copy this in a repeating pattern to print to an A4 sheet of tracing paper. This could be cut to the size and folded around a band aid.

I would request that you if you make a file from the scans that you share this with others on the forum for reenactment use.

It may take me a while (if I can't locate the scans quickly) to get back to you as I would need to find the scans and I'm in the middle of exams for the next few months.

Let me know.

Good luck with your project.


Re: Recreating an M2 Jungle 1st aid kit?

Posted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 14:29
by Andrewb
Here are some band aids