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3rd Armored

Fri Dec 05, 2014 18:36

The lads in the group are portraying 3rd Armored, Can anyone advise what field hospital could be linked to the 3rd Armored. Myself and my mum have been collecting medical equipment for over a year now and have a nice display. So would be nice to link in with the 3rd armored somehow. Many thanks

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Re: 3rd Armored

Fri Dec 12, 2014 15:25

Well the US Medical system didn't assign hospital units to Divisions but to support geographical areas usually assigned to Corps for administration. 3AD had the 45th Armored Medical Battalion as an integral medical unit but the Hospital units that would support them came from VII Corps or 1st Army.

Here is a list of VII Corps medical units. Remember that most contact with 3AD units would be through the Collecting Companies and Ambulance Companies.

VII Corps Medical Detachment
Advance Sections Supply Platoon, 1st Medical Depot Company
3rd Auxiliary Surgical Group
42nd Field Hospital
45th Field Hospital
50th Medical Battalion
51st Field Hospital
67th Evacuation Hospital
91st Evacuation Hospital
97th Evacuation Hospital
128th Evacuation Hospital
175th Medical Battalion
176th Medical Battalion
261st Medical Battalion
427th Medical Collecting Company
449th Medical Ambulance Company
451st Medical Ambulance Company
452nd Dental Prosthetic Laboratory
463rd Medical Collecting Company
464th Medical Collecting Company
467th Medical Ambulance Company
491st Medical Collecting Company
492nd Medical Collecting Company
493rd Medical Collecting Company
501st Medical Collecting Company
564th Medical Ambulance Company
566th Medical Ambulance Company
574th Medical Ambulance Company
577th Medical Ambulance Company
622nd Medical Clearing Company
633rd Medical Clearing Company
649th Medical Clearing Company
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Re: 3rd Armored

Mon Dec 15, 2014 22:01

Thanks for that, very interesting will have a look into all those field hospitals suggested.

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