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Looking for information on the 313th Medical Battalion

Thu Feb 19, 2015 18:56

Hello everyone. I am currently conducting research pertaining to the 313th Medical Battalion. This group was attached to the 88th division in the MTO. Any information or insight concerning this unit would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Looking for information on the 313th Medical Battalion

Fri Oct 23, 2015 02:46

I thought I'd give this a bump. My Dad was a Tech 5 in a clearing station with the 313th in Italy. He was the company clerk. I'd like to learn more of this unit.

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Re: Looking for information on the 313th Medical Battalion

Tue Oct 27, 2015 22:27

Hi Guys,
The 313th Med Bn was the organic medical unit of the 88th Inf Div, attached to II Corps. It arrived in the MTO 25 Dec 43 and served in Italy, where it obtained the following campaign credits: Rome-Arno, North Apennines, and Po Valley. The organization's Medical Clearing Company received some support from the 11th Fld Hosp in Mar 44. Before the capture of Monte Cassino, the 313th Med Bn (and also the 310th Med Bn / 85th Inf Div) had both received an overstrength of 100 litter bearers, supplemented by additional service and headquarters personnel, as well as Italian troops. Due to the high patient census, 3/4-ton ambulances were borrowed from other medical units, and many jeeps converted to ambulances with litter racks. Between 1 > 12 May 44, the Bn received 369 wounded. The 88th Inf Div participated in the drive to Rome which was launched 11 May 44. The 313th Med Bn Clearing Station was bombed 1-2 Jun 44 and suffered 7 killed. During 11 May > 9 Jun 44, a total of 248 psychiatric patients were admitted and evacuated to the 88th Inf Div Training & Rehabilitation Center (established 11 May 44 and attached to the 313th Med Bn). During the fighting in the Apeninnes, the Battalion received support from a Platoon of the 32d Fld Hosp. By Sep 45, the 88th Inf Div was stationed at Udine (part of TRUST troops), and maintained a Med Coll Sta near the Austrian-Yugoslav-Italian border at Tarviso, as well as a Med Clr Sta at Cividale. The Bn eventually operated a number of Aid Stations and Dispensaries in the region until end 1946. The 313d Med Bn had meanwhile been reorganized as a garrison unit (in lieu of a combat unit) keeping a 400-bed capacity. The 313th Med Bn was inactivated 15 May 47 in Italy.

I hope the above data may be of some help to both of you.
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