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Where are Iwo Jima hospital ship records?

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2015 19:59
by ba_50

My Dad was wounded twice on Iwo Jima and I would know what happened to the hospital ships records that were there. The VA's military records are incomplete. Any other suggestions would help. Thanks. Bob

Re: Where are Iwo Jima hospital ship records?

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 17:16
by sirjahn
When you asked for his military records did you specify that you wanted the medical records too? The medical records were kept elsewhere and not affected by the fire in St. Louis.

Re: Where are Iwo Jima hospital ship records?

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 17:05
by ba_50
I got his medical records from the Missouri archives.

The hospital ship records should have information about his wounds, if I can find out what happened to them.

Re: Where are Iwo Jima hospital ship records?

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 22:05
by sirjahn
Did you get something which was the summary of his injury and treatment? My Father was in the Army and wounded and here is the summary information that they passed along for statistical purposes. Just identifies the patient by service number.


It has type of facility that treated him and hospital unit, wound type, location, treatment, etc.

Is that what you are looking for?

Re: Where are Iwo Jima hospital ship records?

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 18:42
by ba_50
There is nothing showing him being wounded except a newspaper article which isn't considered proof. He refused a purple heart so his family wouldn't find out about it. He was discharged in San Diego, and went back to Peoria Il. He was told he could get one in Peoria, but when he got there they told him he would have to go back to SD, which he wouldn't do. They also put his discharge number down wrong, by one number. The other person was killed. He wasn't able to get it corrected over the years. I do have proof about his service number but haven't sent it in yet hoping to do it all at once.

Re: Where are Iwo Jima hospital ship records?

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 16:44
by sirjahn
Okay I am seeing 3 hospital ships at Iwo Jima USS Solace (AH-5), USS Bountiful (AH-9), and the USS Samaritan (AH-10) plus 2 evacuation ships USS Pickney (APH-2) and USS Bland (APA-134).

Can you narrow down which ship you are talking about? Was he a Marine or a Sailor on the ships?

Here are some links to the ships.


Evac Ships

Re: Where are Iwo Jima hospital ship records?

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2015 20:56
by ba_50
He was a US Marine and was sent out to get medical treatment. He thought it was the Samaritan, but not sure. I was talking with a VA rep yesterday and he said a lot of records were burned and not brought back because nobody cared. Makes me wonder why they bothered in the first place, but then look at all the equipment that didn't come back.

Re: Where are Iwo Jima hospital ship records?

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2015 18:57
by sirjahn
Not that familiar with Marine Corps protocols for handling wounded and unit records. In the Army there is a Morning Report which lists any change of personnel status in a company size unit each day. So if someone is wounded and removed from the unit for treatment it would be recorded the next day. If the Marines have something similar I would go to where those records are kept and get copies of the time period.

NARA at College Park has the following but I am not sure if it holds the Morning Report type records.
127.3.2 Personnel records

Textual Records: Records relating to officers, consisting of rosters, 1821-50; registers, 1819-48; military histories, 1869- 73, 1899-1911; and monthly reports, 1821-1911, with gaps. Records relating to enlisted men, consisting of service records, 1798- 1906 (490 ft.); size rolls, 1798-1901; descriptive lists, 1879- 1906; and an alphabetical card list, 1798-1941 (367 ft.). Registers of courts-martial, 1897-1906, 1919-33; desertions, 1809-1907, 1910-41; discharges, 1829-1927; and deaths, 1838-1942. Casualty card lists, 1776-1945. Strength and casualty reports, 1775-1971. Muster rolls, 1798-1945 (1,285 vols.) and 1798-1953 (4,172 rolls of microfilm; see note under Related Records below). General returns, 1821-1914. Certificate books containing service information, 1837-1911, with gaps.

Microfilm Publication: T1118.

Oh and all Marine Medical Treatments were done by the Navy so you have to find out which Navy unit was supporting your father's Marine Unit to track down those treatment records