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Normandy-Friendly Fire

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My details will follow.

I read in an account that captured Allied troops on D-Day were transported to Cherbourg and then placed on a train to ship them to a prisoner-of-war camp outside the Normandy area. This train was attacked (between June 6-18) by US aircraft and many prisoners were injured. Does anyone know of this situation and perhaps know of a list of the casualties?

Following is my prime concern:


I am trying to locate, for his family, some information about the last days of Chester Courville, a 29 year old member of the Muckleshoot Tribe and, during WWII, of HQ 505th PIR of the 82nd Airborne who was reported killed on "6 June 1944". He had jumped previously in Sicily, so he was an experienced veteran, and we only know that he jumped on D-Day, but was MIA until 28 July 1944 His relatives, and particularly, his son, his would like more accurate information. His remains were returned to the US in and are now interred in a cemetery in Seattle, Washington.

His remains and personal items were returned from the temporary cemetery at Blosville, France after "Reburial" there on 30 June 1944 from a "...Isolated Grave..." at "...121-930...".

I have a suspicion that he may have survived his jump, fought for a period of time, and, perhaps up to a month later, was killed and buried in this "Isolated Grave".

I cannot firmly locate "121-930. Can anyone help me find it?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Greg Anderson

PS-Congratulations on a truly helpful and informative web site--one of the best I have visited.

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