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FSN numbering system

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 23:42
by steevo
What year was the 11 digit numbering system put into use and was the FSN abbreviation used only for certain items?
I have a collection of Korean War items and am not sure if the 11 digit items would be correct for that period. Thanks.

Re: FSN numbering system

Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 15:02
by Alain
Hello Steevo,

The 11-digit numbering system was officially introduced July 7, 1952, and was gradually implemented, and widely in use by early 1953, which makes it a little late for the first years of the Korean War. All items received the FSN prefix (Federal Stock Number) followed by 11 digits, 3139-121-6210). This system was in use until 1974. It was then replaced by a new system preceded by NSN (National Stock Number) followed by 13 digits, 3139-00-121-6210).
For Korea I would opt for either the standard WWII numbering (7 digits in a single group, i.e. 9777300) or the 1947 numbering (7 digits in 3 groups, i.e. 9-221-200) simply designated Item No. (no prefix).


Re: FSN numbering system

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 03:16
by steevo
Thank you for the information. As always you are most help full. I am going to place all of the 11 digit items with my VN. display and only use the 7 digit hyphenated items for the Korean war show case. Thank you again.