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What's inside that package..

Fri Jun 29, 2007 21:54

Ok, so I tried to get a discussion started on what's inside the various medical packages, before the forum went down. But I guess it got deleted. None the less I thought it might come in handy for anyone wanting to repro medical stuff for re-enactment or is just curiouse about what's actually inside a box you see in some of the pictures in the articles on this site.
Figured I didn't want to be a *** and just ask others about it, so I went out and bought me the first package I could find. :lol:

Hope anyone else has any pictures like these (as it will prevent me from opening up any more orginal boxes to cure my curiosity) :wink:

ps. Hope the pictures will work this time.

Box is a "Guaze, plain, Sterilized"




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Sun Jul 01, 2007 00:21

I have not opened any off my original dressings, but my dad opened a W.W.2 british shell dressing a while ago and found a foldered piece off paper, which we think was put in by one off the girls who packed the dressings, as it had a girls name and address on it and a short note saying "Please corespond". Has anyone else come across this before, and would it have been the sort of thing that the girls packing various war items would have done ?

Daz 8)

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