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Nurses uniform in General Hospital

Tue Aug 26, 2008 05:48

Hello there,

Could anybody enlighten me as to the working uniform of nursing staff at an overseas General Hospital? Referring to Nurses on a standard ward, not specialist surgical etc if there was a difference.

Pics would help!

Also, I assume Doctors wore officers wools whilst on duty, though were white coats worn?

Any info on uniforms at Generals appreciated.


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Tue Aug 26, 2008 13:37

Hi Ryan,
From most of my research the primary uniform for nurses in a General Hospital oversea's was the brown and white seersucker. This came in a dress, a jacket, and pants which would be worn with the brown and white seersucker cap. It was a standard issue item, even some field nurses had this uniform although it was unpractical for them to wear it. I have seen a few pics with them wearing a white cotton standard dress, but these are few and far between, the white dress was worn stateside along with the blue dress. Both the white and blue dresses were worn with the white cap. They were also issued the OD dress tunic and skirt which would be worn with the khaki shirt and tie, for their dress uniforms. Most of the women in the ETO between 1944-1945 when the front moved to Germany were issued the womens version of the "Ike" dress jacket. Both the Brn seersucker and OD dress uniform were worn with the brown oxfords, the brn and white seersucker could also be worn with white hose and the white oxfords. I will check my pics and see what I have.

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