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307th Ludwigslust/Lubtheen/Wobbelin 1945

Mon Sep 15, 2008 18:28

I found this website about the 307th within the last 10 days and am hopeful that other participants can help me. I have been working with a handful of very interested German historians who want to know about the 307th when it crossed the Elbe River and was in southern Mecklenburg during May, 1945. The 307th had interactions with the Wobbelin Concentration Camp (liberated May 2, 1945 outside of Ludwigslust) and survivors. I believe that the 307th may have assisted or worked with the Bethlehem Hospital in Ludwigslust during the occupation of the city while Wobbelin survivors were kept there. Together, we are looking for leads on how to document the presence of the 307th in Mecklenburg (pictures, testimony, etc.). The Wobbelin Concentration Camp is a subject I have been working with since 2003. It is my hope that some readers can give guidance and help with this inquiry about the 307th during May, 1945.
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Hi Jim,

Many thanks for your message. I assume that you're referring to the 307th Airborne Medical Division. Although this is a unit which I have a penchant for, I'm afraid that data about the unit during this time is rather limited. Here is the official Unit Report for the month of May, 1945. I hope that this will be of some use to you:


The first day of the month saw the Division rapidly expanding its bridgehead over the Elbe River. One platoon of the Clearing Station replaced the Collecting Station element already in operation on the far shore of the river and then moved forward on the following day to the vicinity of Lubtheen, Germany, in order to keep pace with the rapidly advancing tanks and troops.

Following the collapse of enemy resistance in the sector, most of the unit moved to Ludwigslust, Germany on the 4th of May and set up a Clearing Station in a civilian hospital in the town [ed. most probably Bethlehem Hospital]. Because of the wide dispersal of divisional troops it also became necessary to continue to operate a smaller Clearing Station at Lubtheen.

Battle Casualties remained light after the initial crossings of the Elbe River on the night of 30 April and from 1 May until 8 May 1945, Official Victory in Europe Day, only 41 battle casualties were treated and evacuated.

The remainder of the period was spent in operation of the two above mentioned Clearing Stations and in control of a large Displaced Persons Hospital and six (6) Wehrmacht Hospitals, housing German wounded prisoners.


Thanks, and please let me know if you should have any other questions about the unit.
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