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Where can i get informations about medics?

Fri Jan 09, 2009 13:24

Hello at all

hope someone here can help me.

First i will introduce myself:
I'm from germany, 42 years old and since one year i search for informations about my grandfather. Because my father now is an old man and after 63 years without a dad, now he wants to know what kind of man he was. His mother dies when he was young, so he can't ask her.
I have only one picture from him, and that is a very bad quality.
He was in the 90th, 359th, 2nd bat. in WWII. His name was John/Johnny. May be his last name was White,Wheat or sounds like so. In the certificate of birth from my Dad there is written like spoken: Joni Wait, american soldier.
An Aunt of my Dad told him that Johnny was a medical and went back to USA in Nov. or Dec. 1945
Now I found a picture from the medicals from 2nd Bat on the Website of the 90th association. There is a online library from the 359th and there i found the picture. But from the army i can't get informations without the last name.
So i search for a roster or someone who knows the names of the medicals.

If anybody can help me, i will be very happy.

Ah, and i hope my english is not to bad to understand :-(

Many thanks

This is the picture

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