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Government Issue Collectors Guide Part 2

Tue Feb 10, 2009 05:15

I just received my copy of the latest endeavor by Henri-Paul Enjames the "Government Issue Collectors Guide Part 2". I opened it and was quickly giving it a scan after dinner and I was pleased to see a greatly enlarged Medical Corps section. This section features a much expanded assortment of equipment (17 pages in fact) to include Dental and Veterinary Corps. One thing I was troubled to see however were three photos of artifacts I consider erroneous. One is on page 186, the medical towel assortment depicts one towel that has the blue stripe and the caduces with a "U" and "S" on either side. Page 196 has a "Physicians Coat". I have examined a few of these coats in unissued condition over the years and have yet to encounter one that wasn't post war. It again features the caduces with "U&S" on either side. The last item is the obverse case marking of what is titled "swiss made chronometer" it again is adorned with the caduces and "U&S" flanking it, also on page 196. I suspect the "US" flanked caduces property mark came about in 1948 with major changes in supply amonst the US military. If anyone has information to the contrary or has items they can verify as being marking in this manner that are verifiably war time (1941-1945) please shoot a post. I think it is great that someone is beginning to put out books such as these but wish they would consult folks with content expertise when doing so. This series of books are already being considered "bible" type references by many in our hobby.
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Tue Feb 10, 2009 08:46

Hi Roger,

Thanks for your message. I received my copy a week or so ago now, and I must admit that I noticed those things you've commented on within the book. Both Alain and I have discussed about the UCaduceusS insignia on many occasions, and have been unable to find a definitive answer. It certainly seems to true to say that there appears to have been two evolutions of that particular logo, one using a rounded font and another featuring a more squared, block font; representing early and late styles respectively. The general consensus though is that none of the "UCaduceusS" insignia was used during WW2, and that they were introduced in 1947, when the Army and Navy Medical Departments were combined (along with the introduction of the first Army-Navy Catalog of Medical Materiel).

I think that generally the book has been well put together, and there are some great items in there which I have never seen 'in the flesh' before, but as per the First Volume, this one is unfortunately not without its errors!

Thanks and kind regards,
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