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Med Dept Blankets?

Sat Jan 20, 2007 00:35

As I assemble my kit, I find I have both a large and small blanket bags for the Aid Station. I'm relatively sure only the OD blankets went to the field (creme & maroon for hospital use only), but was there a specific way these blankets were to be folded? There is a "correct" way for the 1928 Field Pack - how about into the blanket bag, or general storage?

While on the subject of bed linens, can anyone document the use of white canvas cots in field hospital wards? I have one with OD seam tape maker marked and dated 1942 on the canvas, but no other markings. I was told "medical" but cannot support or deny this. Your thoughts?

Last bed linens question - I saw a training mimeo page for a field hospital that listed supplies, including cots, sheets, pillows and pillowcases. How to you make a cot up with sheets? I've got a few sets - could be different to set up a ward tent that way...
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Blankets, Cots and Sheets

Sat Jan 20, 2007 02:43

I whipped out the copy of the 1944 Medical and Surgical Technicians Manual issued at Medic School thinking surely there would be some useful gems, but alas NO. Here is what I can tell you though;

Blanket Bag: The manual has no prescribed method that I could locate and in fact doesn't even talk about them. I'll bet there was some way to do it though as they even had a manual of arms for the litters! This may have been a taught thing at field training.

Blanket Color: The standard GI OD blanket was used. No fancy marking just the plain off the shelf variety. At times the white ones were dyed and used in the field in the event of shortage. I happen to have two that were done this way from Italy. They appear Gray and still retain all other maroon markings.

White Cots: Yes, used by both Navy and Army ground forces in forward areas for medical purposes. Cots sometimes had OD Trim and red, black or OD hinges, I've seen all three.

Bed Making:The manual prescribes a very linen intensive set up for fixed hospitals. From studies were able to deduce that the cots were generally fixed as follows 1.) Bottom Blanket folded longways, placed on canvas. Sheet folded in half longways, attop the blanket. A blanket or many attop this. The sheets used were white as were the pillowcases.

The field bed was most likely made as prescribed by the NCO Ward Master or Charge Nurse for that tent / ward.

I have pics of some of stuff like the cots in use but can't get it to attach!

Hope that helps!
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