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Iodine - Potassium iodide box

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 07:33
by Andrewb


Here is a PDF for a reproduction of a 1942 Iodum - Potassium Iodid 10 tube box.

It is made from scans of an original item in my collection.

The original box is made from a medium weight dark brown/grey card stock laminated on one side with a lighter brown paper that forms the outside of the box.

I needs to be printed at 110% scale in order to obtain the correct final size.

There is a discussion on the use of potassium iodide - iodine solutions in the general discussion forum.

I have included photos of the original and reproduction item above.


Re: Iodine - Potassium iodide box

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 12:08
by Andrewb
Hi all

My apologies.

It appears that the PDF did not upload to the site. I just tried again with no luck. It might be related to the file size as I used high resolution scans to construct the PDF.

When I get a chance I will try and modify the file and repost.