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Info on 324th Med. Bn.

Posted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 23:54
by mlight9
Hello, I am hoping to find info regarding my father who was captured in the B. of Bulge. He was in the 99th Div., was a medic & captured 12-17, the 2nd day of the battle.
I have just now found info that altho he was in the 99th Div, he was more than likely to have been in the 324th Med. Bn. which in turn was connected to the 99th.
The info I am seeking would be from morning reports( or periodic) that would have him listed as a member of the unit and/or indicate his title (my info has been, Medic).
I have found reports from the 324th but were dated Jan. 1945, too late for me. As he only arrived in Belgium in Nov., I would be looking for info for the period of Nov. thru
Dec. 1944.
When he was captured, his CO was a "Capt. Frederick j. Mcintyre. The 99th CO & remaining men of the unit withdrew, leaving the Bn. Surgeon, approx., 16 medical personnel
(including my father) & wounded to be captured.

Would appreciate any info,

Re: Info on 324th Med. Bn.

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 03:57
Have you checked army publications?

There's this text
"One regimental aid station, short of transportation, abandoned its equipment to fill its truck with patients. A 99th Division infantry battalion, withdrawing from a nearly surrounded position on 17 December, discovered that it had a dozen or so more casualties than its vehicles could carry. The battalion surgeon, Capt. Frederick J. McIntyre, MC, and his detachment remained in place with these wounded men. According to the regimental surgeon, the aid station “when last seen that day . . . was being overrun by the enemy and was operating under a Geneva flag and a white flag.”p. 397

From this book online ... ennes.html

Scroll to "Medics in Retreat" on p. 396


Re: Info on 324th Med. Bn.

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 21:03
by mlight9
Lois, thanks for the info. I was @ the Carlisle War College(prev. name) this past Wed. & was referred to the 324th Med. Bn. info. Up until then, I had always assumed my father was
in the 99th Div., end of story. However, they advised me of the various other attachments to every Div, as in this case 324th/99th.
I am interested in the #2 footnote, bottom of page 396, "First U.S. Army Report of Operations 8-44 to 2-45, Bk IV, pg. 202 "
The last item in this footnote, I think I have already seen, in this site under books/docs.

Do you think I might be to access the above item I noted?? Any source or direction to locate would be appreciated.

Re: Info on 324th Med. Bn.

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 23:25
by mlight9
Lois, since my post of 15:03, I have gone back & reviewed the Books/Docs section, I found reports for the Nov. thru Dec. time period, did not find the info I am
looking for. It appears what I want or need are the daily(morning) reports of the medical section. I want or would like to see names of EM to satisfy me.
Again, thanks,

Re: Info on 324th Med. Bn.

Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 00:26
by sgtpeter
I'm fairly certain that your father was in a battalion medical detachment for the 393rd Infantry Regiment.

The reference that Lois provided says that CPT McIntyre was a BN surgeon. This is a common reference of the Medical Officer in charge of BN medical detachment NOT for a Medical BN.

I was able to find this information
There were no material changes in the authorized Medical Department enlisted strength throughout the year with the exception of a decrease of seventeen Privates Basic (521) authorized by Section III, War Department Circular # 266 dated 29 July 1944. The enlisted strength as of 1 January 1944 was 827 and fluctuated only slightly during the ensuing four months. Thereafter enlisted strength was maintained at authorized Table of Organization level. Upon arrival in the European Theater of Operations the enlisted strength was 867 but had dropped to 725 by 31 December 1944 as a result of battle losses. Medical Department losses during the period 9 November to 31 December were as follows :

393rd 0/0 2/37 0/8 0/10 2/55
394th 0/0 0/29 0/5 0/13 0/47
395th 0/0 0/1 0/8 3/9 3/18
99th ID 0/0 0/1 0/1 0/1 0/3
324th Arty 0/0 0/1 0/1 0/1 0/2
324th Med 0/0 0/8 0/11 0/22 0/41
99th ST 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0
Total 0/0 0/76 0/34 3/56 5/166

One complete infantry medical section with forty casualties in the aid station was overrun by the enemy on 17 December 1944. In another instance, a group of 14 enlisted men out of a regimental headquarters medical section were overrun by the enemy.
Here is the reference link. If you notice the chart only shows two MIA medial officers - both of which were in teh 393rd. Just need to look for a history of the 393rd Inf Regt now.

Re: Info on 324th Med. Bn.

Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 01:01
by sgtpeter
And it was definitely 3rd Battalion 393rd Infantry ...

This should help you focus your search a little.

Re: Info on 324th Med. Bn.

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 07:05
by mlight9
Peter, thanks much, have already seen this material but will continue searching per your suggestions.
I am going to go back to the Army Heritage Center @ Carlisle, Pa. & try & find morning reports, etc. to
finalize my search.

Re: Info on 324th Med. Bn.

Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2015 19:23
by sebby45
I came across this post while searching for information regarding my grandfather, Dr. Frederic J. McIntire. He was a Physician who served with the 99th Division Infantry Unit as a Captain and described in a newspaper article about being overwhelmed and captured on the 17th of December when he stayed behind with 40 wounded men who could not be transported back. When the battalion was forced back they left the medical station behind. He then reports that the Germans transported those critically wounded to a German Hospital 40 miles behind the nazi line. He and the others had to walk for four days to the same destination. He was eventually liberated on Liberation day after many months of captivity.

Could this be the same Frederic J. McIntire reffered to in your post? A possible misspelling?

Just trying to find out any information on his service.