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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Fellow Collectors

Tue Aug 27, 2013 09:18

Tuesday, 0120 hours

My name is Roy Neve; I stumbled on your site this evening looking for information for the 10th Medical Bn unit crest in which the information that I have from the US Army Heraldic Crests, 1993, Barry Jason Stein on Distinctive Unit Insignia states it is the 210th Spt Bn. I like to identify my crests by the original organization as much as possible since units get deactivated and then re-activated into another type of unit. So now I am at a crossroads, should I ID the unit as the 10th Med Bn or the 210th Spt Bn since at the moment I cannot locate any pictures or other information confirming that it is the 10th Med Bn.

Well now that is over with on this unit crest, let me introduce myself. I have been collecting not just medical insignias but all types of insignias from the American Army. I have been collecting since 1973 when I was a Cub Scout when my father was posted at Bad Kreuznach, West Germany as a show and tell project. Well it wasn't a one evening show, I got so involved in researching those few patches and crests with the limit sources that I had during those years I wanted to learn more and collect more as well. My father being English from London, England as an American soldier he knew some British soldiers who were posted on the Rhine and I was fortunate to meet them at my early age. I explained to them what I was doing and they were real great sports about all this, one gave me a white pistol belt from his dress uniform and I was able to pickup a few patches in the process too.

During my years as an Army Brat I've travelled all over Europe and the US trading with other kids, visiting antique shops, flea markets, junk shops, and anywhere else that I might be able to locate items for my collection. I was fortunate enough to have relatives in the Spanish Armed Forces too, they were very happy to give me many items for my collection too like dress hats, weapon, uniforms and many other things as well. As I got older and left home for the US Army, I continued picking up more items from countries that I was posted at. In my collection I have so much stuff I cannot display it all in one place. I have items in boxes, footlockers, in my closet to include in the garage too. I always told my spouse that when we have own home I like to build my own museum to dedicated to all the military personnel that were able to assist me in building my collection and especially to my father, uncles and friends that also had helped me with this great collection that I have. I still include my father saying its’ our collection because without him I wouldn’t be here writing this fantastic story that I am sharing with you all. One thing I didn’t disclose to you all I just retired from the Army on the 1st of November ’12 after serving over 29 years being in uniform.

When I was posted in 2001-05, I was the first NONCOM at the American Embassy in the Defense Attaché Office in Zimbabwe. While I was there I was fortunate to meet many former Rhodesian soldiers from WWII through the last days as Rhodesia as a country, they helped me out in obtaining insignias of former British units that fought in the many wars and battles in Africa and they told me stories of the battles that they fought in, those four years were amazing. My spouse got on the band wagon too, going to the local flea market picking up lots of British medals and other military items for me. She never knew what I had but she is a great spouse always looking for items for me. While I was in Africa I was posted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for a spell, I was able to pick up some Zaire items too.

Oh yes, I was able to obtain some items too in Iraq when I was there during the war, 2007-09. Now that I’ve retired I have all the time in the world to organized, categorized and place my insignias on boards for display since the only thing that I’m doing these days is going to university to obtain my Masters’ degree since I cannot be unemployed after retirement I need to do something. I need to get a job after my degree and make some money to pay for that museum of mine and the house that goes along with it too. I now have items from all the branches of the Armed Forces from every country that I’ve been able to collect from the military insignias belonging to units that the countries don’t exist anymore not just Rhodesia. I now collect unit crests since they are easier to place on boards and they don’t take up so much room either.

Well that is all about me, I’ve never done this before to introduce myself to other fellow military collectors. I hope I will be some assistance and maybe you can assist me in identifying my items too. See you on the trial soon.


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Re: Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Fellow Collectors

Wed Aug 28, 2013 15:40

Hi Roy,

Welcome ! Please join the band and enjoy ...

I know the DUI mentioned on page 199 of Stein's book indeed designates it as being the 210th Support Battalion with design officially approved 12 May 1955. Campaign credits and other data match those of the 10th Medical Battalion !

What is strange is that the ASMIC Catalog of March 1967 has the same drawing, identical motto (Fortes Defensores Virtae) but although it shows no date of manufacture, it refers to an A Class DI, which means that it was approved by the Adjutant General, the Office of the Quartermaster General, and the US Army Institute of Heraldry.
The above, if correct, means that you could identify the item as being the 10th Medical Battalion's DI.

I would recommend to check with Lineage & Honors and the Institute of Heraldry, just in case.

Just my two cents.
Alain :wink:
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