Private First Class
Private First Class
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Greetings from Greensboro, North Carolina

Wed Apr 18, 2007 00:40

Hi all,
Just want to say that this is a great site. I have recently started ww2 reenacting...as a way to honor my Great Grandfather who was a combat medic in WW1 and a Hospital worker sateside during WW2.

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Fri Apr 20, 2007 16:47

Hi Private,
Welcome and join the club !
We sincerely hope you will enjoy your stay with us, and find our website interesting . Feel free to post any questions regarding the 'medical' subject on this Forum . We'll try and help whenever we can . There's a lot of guys available with quite some knowledge about WW2 Medical ...
Nice to learn, you had a family member serving the medical profession - you should be proud of him !
Best regards,
Alain (MRC) :D

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Fri Apr 20, 2007 21:06

Welcome Private,

I must echo the words of Alain really, and thank you for your registration here on our forums. I hope that your stay with us a pleasant one, and as Alain said, if you have any comments or queries at all, please feel free to post them up.

Thanks and best regards,

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