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Searching for Hero: Sgt./Medic from 110th med btl at Flavigny Bridge

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 02:37
by Mordecai
To whom it may concern:

My family is on a journey to locate the soldier that saved my
grandfather during a WWII battle in France on September 10, 1944. The
battle took place at Flavigny Bridge, a bridge across the Moselle
River. We realize the soldier who saved him may longer be living,
however, we would like to recognize his heroic efforts nonetheless.

My grandfather, from Fernbank, Alabama, was a US solider
during WWII. He served in the 134th Infantry Regiment in Patton’s 35th
Infantry Division. He was placed in Company E of the 134th Infantry Regiment
as a replacement.He was assigned the position of a B.A.R. man for his squad.

He was in a culvert under Flavigny Bridge on
Sunday, September 10, 1944. He remembers a “Sergeant and a Lieutenant” from Company A of the 110th medical battalion,
who returned to the culvert after everyone else had been evacuated.
One of the men, my grandfather remembers to be a Medic/Sergeant, carried
another man, with a leg wound over his shoulder while,at the same time, he drug my grandfather
by his collar to a jeep. This man saved my grandfather's life and we would like to
make sure he gets recognized.

If anyone has any information, please let us know.

Thank you.