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Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 22:40
by 70th Tank Medic
I am Mike from Illinois, USA. - Retired Firefighter/Medic.

I have previously shared a few minor items with this site, concerning Co. M of the 70th Tank Battalion, and it's personnel.

I belong to the 70th Tank Battalion re-enactors, which can be seen at The owner of the museum is also the
author of "Armored Strike Force", a photo history of the 70th.

My wife and son join me in re-enacting, and we set up a very basic forward aid or dressing station, based on period photos, when not operating
the armored vehicles from the Roberts Armory (70th Tank Btn) museum.

I have reproduced a Med 1 Chest using measurements and photos of an original in a local museum as well as a Med 2 based on photographs (July 2012), and just obtained a Med 2 chest (August 2016), which awaits reproduction shelves. It is my good fortune that a blueprint of the shelves was contained in this very site, under another forum, and that the owners of this site shared photos of the trays with me, before they directed me to use this source of info.

Thanks to Alain Batens & Ben Major for hosting and to all for assembling this "Bible" used by historians/re-enacators such as myself.


Re: New member

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 18:27
by TenthA86
Welcome Mike:

Please tell Chuck that Dave from Denver said "hello". I think you'll find this forum to be a great resource. If you have someone making a nice set of the Chest 2 shelves, maybe they'd make a 2nd set, as I now need another set.