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Evolution of Combat Medicine - Medical Collector

Thu Sep 15, 2016 22:31

I am an avid medical collector working on gathering an evolution of combat medicine display which will feature a growing collection of Army and Navy Medical items from 1917 through 2017. As of now, I have the WW1, Korean, and a good number of other medical kits. My hope is to pick up the remnants from Alain Batens and David Steinert, and expand on that into other eras. Any help from others within this forum with obtaining, acquiring, or improving display items.

I would love to help with the Med-Dept website if there is a desire to expand into more content as well. However, the biggest part of my remaining kit is WW2 and the immediate post-war period. It is my hope that I can bring as much to the table as I take away.

Regarding my personal history, I am a 33 year old Army Reserve nurse corps officer and avid historian. I've always had a strong connection with the military and began as a WW2 airborne medic reenactor before losing weight and joining the Army. After a hiatus from collecting and reenacting, I am getting back in with the goal of displaying enlisted Army medic kits from 1917-2017, and this collection has been expanding fairly rapidly into purchasing US Army officer and US Navy Corpsman kits from the same timeframe. I recently acquired a nearly complete Navy Corpsman kit which was left by a Navy doc that was wounded in 1953. It had two medical kits, which I've since done my best to restore to their original supply in accordance with packing lists

I'll offer more as time goes on, but will answer questions as desired. Thanks so much for a great website/forum!!

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Re: Evolution of Combat Medicine - Medical Collector

Tue Oct 18, 2016 15:12

Welcome, and I think you will find this site to be a valuable resource. Your exhibit sounds interesting - post some photos when you get a chance.
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