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New Member - Genealogist

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 01:28
by ngwehner
Hello to all. I'm a genealogist in need of the kind of expertise that appears to be gathered together on this site.

I'm currently doing some research on my daughter-in-law's grandfather, Ralph Vincent Intondi, who served as an x-ray technician at Fort Sam Houston during WWII. I'm trying to get a handle on the following questions and hope that those here will be able to help me find relevant information on this site and/or point me to other resources that would help.
What was the daily work life of an x-ray technician at a facility like Fort Sam Houston?
What training would they have received in order to do this work?
How many hours a day would they work?
How many patients might they work with during that time?
What was the x-ray equipment like that was used at such a facility?
What did the x-ray equipment look like?
What was the x-ray output?
How careful (if at all) were they about limiting x-ray exposure of the patients and of the technicians?

Any help would be appreciated.