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19th General Hospital, Marston Green WW2

Thu Feb 09, 2017 22:15

Hello All,

New Member: Pat Powell, UK, (son of a Marston Green nurse).

First, let me say, .... what a great web site!! Full of information without any fuss.

Secondly, let me say, ..... I need help!! Don't we all, I can hear someone say.

Long story , cut short .....

I lost my mother when I was 11 (1967), my father passed away more recently, in all the years between, he hardly ever spoke about my mother.
My brother, my sister and myself grew up as if our mother hadn't existed - until recently!

Recently, my sister discovered a photograph (attached) showing four ladies shopping in the snow in New Jersey; the lady on the right in the picture is our mother. Unremarkable - well at the time of the photograph (19/12/45), our mother was a nurse at MARSTON GREEN HOSPITAL, Birmingham, England - so why was she in new Jersey!!? We have our mothers autograph book with signatures and dates referring to time spent at Marston Green. My research leads me to believe that what was known locally as Marston Green Hospital after 1948, was the 19TH CANADIAN GENERAL HOSPITAL during WW2 - is someone able to confirm this? One entry in the autograph book mentions the 19th CGH, (photo attached).

How do I need help?

As part of my research into my mothers early life I am trying to find out more about her nursing life and a reason, with evidence, why my mother and the other ladies (also MG nurses?) are in New Jersey.

Any help, including answers to the following questions, would be appreciated.

Can anyone confirm that during WW2,nurses sometimes accompanied injured servicemen/women home? I have come across a newspaper article that suggests this was the case.
Would Canadian servicemen/women be taken home via Newark, USA? I understand the Queen Mary was used to take US servicemen men home to a port in Newark, and was wondering if Canadian personnel went home the same way?
Do records of 19th CGH nursing personnel exist anywhere?
Can anyone point me in the direction of a source of information on the 19th CGH? I haven't found anything here yet, but will be delving deeper when I finish this post.

Sorry, I have gone on a little.

I'm having trouble attaching my photographs so will try putting in a separate post.
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Re: 19th General Hospital, Marston Green WW2

Thu Feb 09, 2017 22:17

One of my pictures attached ok!

Here is the autograph book entry, see bottom left corner.

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