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Introduction and questions

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My grandfather was in the Utah Guard before Pearl Harbor. Shortly after he was activated and sent to Schofield Barracks. He was a member of the 25th infantry division as a medic. He has in his personal history the campaigns he was in. He was in Guadalcanal to relieve the 1st Marine Division. Then the island hopping, then training, and finally in the liberation of Luzon. He was awarded a bronze star and I will post the letter or citation (aside from a certain number of other medals gave you a bronze star). He was from Ogden Utah. I am looking for information on him and his unit. The book 165 days in Luzon has a drawing of an injured soldier being loaded onto a truck. One of his buddies sent him a copy after he couldn't make a reunion and pointed out that the picture was probably Joe Williams, as the circumstances were something he remembered.

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Re: Introduction and questions

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One of the most comprehensive resources available is LTC Steven Clay's US Army Order of Battle: 1919-1941, a four-volume pdf tome which is available online free of charge. This book is a gold mine of historic data on units of every type during the interwar period, and includes those of the Regular Army, the National Guard and the Organized Reserve. While some of the listed units (especially those of the OR) have marched into the pages of history, a surprisingly large number have at least some element or another which is still around in some form or another.

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