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Sun Dec 02, 2018 03:29

21-year veteran of US forces, Reagan era to 2011, with a couple of breaks-in-service along the way, and currently in the US Army Retired Reserve as a so-called "grey-area" retiree. I hold a Master of Public Health degree and a Bachelor of Science in biology and psychology. My main area of clinical interest is aerospace medicine and physiology, however I also have a keen interest in the history of military medicine, including the WW2 period.

I had the privilege to have made the acquaintance of Robert Franco, MD, then-Captain, MC, US Army, who served as a medical officer with the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment (82nd Airborne Division) during the war, and had made all four of the 82nd's combat jumps of the period. He had gone on to an extremely successful practice in general surgery and family medicine after the war, and was retired, living in southeastern Washington when I first met him in the latter part of 2002. We remained in contact until his passing in 2013.

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