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Hello from Normandy

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 20:11
by tubach
I'm interesting in US Medics because of my grandmother being wounded on the night of August,4 1944. German planes attacked Saint-Hilaire du Harcouet (Normandy) and my grandmother suffered mortal wounds from schrapnel. She was most likely treated by medics of the 358th 1st Bat (90th US ID). Then she was carried to any Clearing Station or Field Hospital in tne vicinity of Villedieu or Percy, where she died...

I noticed that the 42d Field Hospital , Second Platoon,was stationed North of Percy between 2 August - 16 August 1944.

I would be mostly interested in any piece of information regarding the Medical Services which operated in this area and during that period...

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 00:12
by GauzeBandage
Wow, lucky you live in Normandy! Well, this website will more than likely get you whatever you need and more.

Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 20:49
by Alain
Hi Robert,
Bienvenue au Forum du MRC,
I sincerely hope someone may come up with the requested information .
As I told you before, it was indeed the 90th inf Div that captured Saint-Hilaire, but I couldn't find any additional data designating places like Percy or Villedieu ...
On the other hand there's no trace at all in the AAR of the 42d Fld Hosp linking this unit to the towns you mentioned .

Nevertheless I wish you a pleasant stay with this Forum, and hope it will bring you more pleasure and knowledge .
Alain S. Batens :wink: