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U.S.A.M.D. Steel Bed

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 20:52
by Broccoli
i folks,

I need a help. I have 2 WWII U.S.A.M.D. marked steel beds - both with steel mattress supports held by springs. But it seemed there should be some support across. I have taken pics of the beds in Patton Museum in Pilsen - there are steel straps - 1 iinch wide, 1mm thin and 86cm long.. but the straps sre held to the sides just with a wire - shouldn't there be a spring, too?
Another thing - what does the mattress look like? on some show in Oregon I have ones - 1 piece mattresses with thin White/Blue struping, s it right? How wide the stripes are, please?

Sending some pics to show what I writing about :)


Is this as it should be?


Re: U.S.A.M.D. Steel Bed

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 20:57
by Broccoli
And this is a picture fron Oregon - is this mattress OK?
Thank you!