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tomac gastro évacuator

Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 18:34
by belchi
Hello all,

In a cave, here in Belgium, I found this item from various objects and archives.

I suppose there is a vacuum cleaner / cleaner operations.
There are two groups of two cylinders on a central axis. When we filled two bottles and that axis is rotated so that the bottle is in the air, the system sucks blood into the boutille which is in front of the camera. Once completed, it is change!
When the water rose upper to the lower bottle is rotated so that the axis bottles filled with water are found above.

To clean a wound, we filled water bottle is on the floor and hooked to the hook located at the top of the unit. The water flow alone.
There is a tap at the center of the axis of rotation to move from one action to another.

Does anyone have additional information?

And is what might help me and tell me if in a tent ww2 medical operation, this object would have its place?

There is no reference number or indication "medical dept." ...

great thank you




Re: tomac gastro évacuator

Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 21:29
by PAdoc
This is a great find. It is a device to remove fluids from the stomach, through a nasogastric tube placed through the nose down into the stomach. The suction only removes excess fluids. It is not for injecting fluids. In this case it does so without the need for an electric motor driven pump. It would be found in any fully functioning hosptial, such as a Field Hospital or Evacuation Hospital. Not likely used in the operating room, but rather on the ward where patients would be kept post operatively. Motor driven pumps would be used the the operating room. This would not be found in an Aid Station or Clearing Station.
Hope this helps

Re: tomac gastro évacuator

Posted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 18:46
by belchi
Good evening Dirk

It's very nice of you to read all the text and for giving me all these interesting information.

I just find the number in the "item database"
On paper, it is written: 36106 but in the list, it bears the number " 3610600 " .
Finally, I know a little more about this subject , thanks to you

I hope one day to help you in turn