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MD/X-ray Chest 9608810

Sun Jul 19, 2015 18:30

I purchased a Medical Chest at an estate sale. Someone had recently spray painted the whole thing a greenish color. You can still smell the paint on the inside. After carefully stripping certain areas of the chest, the color I found is O.D. and these are the markings I found; Top - 100 lb 5.5 cu ft in a circle, many other markings unreadable. Front- control, other markings unreadable. Left side - Caduceus decal, MD, X-4. Right side - STK NO 9608810, DIOKER, Caduceus decal, MD.
You can see on the inside of the lid a piece of paper had been scraped off before it was spray painted, it also reads, The Verplex Company Essex Conn. The chest has numerous holes which I am assuming are from supports that used to be there to hold something in place. You can still see the imprint and the 4 holes on both sides where the leather handle brackets used to be. They were replaced with the metal D ring style.
I am guessing this is an early war chest that was re-worked, re-painted, re-numbered and re-used later in the war?
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Re: MD/X-ray Chest 9608810

Mon Jul 20, 2015 22:32

Hello Steev0,

First of all, congratulations on finding such a nice piece your collection, and a big pat on the back for the painstaking work you've carried out to restore the item to its former glory.

I do not think that the Chest you have is a re-work of an earlier version with the leather strap handles. X-Ray Chests had extra chain-link handles that were added to support the excess weight of the item when its contents were packed inside. I managed to dig mine out of storage this afternoon and prepare a few photographs of these handles for you:





I also prepared a photograph of my early MD1 Chest which has the leather strap handle:


As you can see, the placement of the securing brackets on both types of handle is almost identical. However, that having been said, I am confident that the X-Ray Chest you have found has simply had the chain-link handles removed, rather than being converted into a later pattern Chest with the pressed steel handle.

I hope the above is of some use to you, and of course in case you require any further information, please do let me know.

Kind regards,
Ben :D
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Re: MD/X-ray Chest 9608810

Wed Aug 19, 2015 18:32

I was finally able to get some pictures of the chest (posted above). You were correct Ben, the chest did have chain-link handles as you can see the impressions made from the triangular piece just between the bracket holes. I only wish I would have known about the chain handles when I was at the sale. The people seemed to have kept everything and I may have been able to find the parts in a box or can around the workbench. Or maybe not.
Thanks for your help. Great site and so much info. Steve

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