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Pictures of medical items

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2016 16:05
by docburges
I'm searching for the correct items to put together my MD 1 and MD 2 chest equipment put I can't seem to find any good pictures of all the medication and ointments and containers. Or make good reproductions from an original picture.

1180000 Ethyl Chloride, 3oz
1184000 Eugenol, 1oz
1285400 Mercury Bichloride, 250 poison tablets
1334000 Petrolatum, 1lb
1383000 Procaine Hydrochloride, hypotablets
1464000 Sulfathiazole Ophthalmic Ointment (tube)
9101000 Acid, Boric, Ointment, 1oz
1012200 Acid, Boric, Ointment, 4oz
9123000 Zinc Oxide Ointment, 1oz
4058000 Bottle wide mouth 50cc cork finish
9101500 Acid, Salicylic, ointment, 1oz
9114500 Mercuric ointment, ammoniated, 1oz
9121500 Sulfer Ointment, 1oz
9928500 Hone Oil, small
9115000 Mercurous Chloride ointment 1oz
9199000 Protein Silver, mild, 100 tablets
9120000 Protein Silver, strong, 100 tablets
1264000 Magnesium Sulfate, 4lb
1048000 Alcohol, Ethyl, 1qt in container metal no. 14

3107000 Catheter, Urethral, Rubber (any size will do)
3875000 Tube Stomach
3696000 Inhaler, Yankauer
7706000 Bag, hot water and syringe

9770000 Container, metal no. 7, 12 oz
9771000 Container, metal no. 9, 3oz
9769000 Container, metal no. 5

Re: Pictures of medical items

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 19:17
by JimT.
I'm doing the same thing trying to stock my MD#! and MD#2 chests with the proper items. They is someone on E-Bay selling medical bottles of all types from Italy. Go into the WW2 Medical heading and you should find it. The photos of his items are very good and will give you what type bottle the medication came in, you can buy the smoke colored bottles on line from a bottle supplier, and put on what ever medication label you want. Good Luck with your project. Jim T.