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[REF] Neighbor's garage find

Sun Jan 04, 2009 23:24

Hey everyone-

my father came across this medical chest in talking with his neighbor. The owner found it 'at some surplus place years ago' and wanted to get rid of it. Dad passed word on to me and I bought it for $5. Inside the chest is the empty cardboard packaging box the items were placed in. Attached to the side was an original packing list, dated 01/09/1962. The packing list looks like the crate originated from the Louisville Medical depot, Louisville KY.

The ship to info reads as follows:
Components of 1 unit 6545 925 3950
Medical Equipment set communications
Zone general hospital 1000 bed

The item list reads:
Basic Chassis General cargo
6525 603 1775 Hanger X&R FLM 14X17 IN QTY Shipped 36
6525 603 1795 Hanger FLM PROC DENTAL QTY Shipped 12

Which sounds to me like film and accessories for dental Xrays for a general hospital.

As you can see in the pictures there are not a whole lot of markings on the crate exterior aside from the Caduceus in maroon and some weight and size info. The words 'Basic Chassis' is stenciled on as well.

Obviously this is from the early Vietnam-era by the date on the packing slip, but I'm wondering if anyone would be able to tell by the pictures if the crate style dates to before that? My unit does a PTO event where I haul all my medical stuff to and I was thinking maybe there was a way to incorporate this into my display somehow. Does it look any WW2 era crate, medical or not, that I may be able to 'turn it in to'?

Any thoughts would be appreciated- Thanks!!

Doc Hoovie

MODS: if I've incorrectly posted the pictures feel free to edit or whatever you need to do to make it right!

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your box's contents

Mon Jan 05, 2009 00:38

Great looking box. The packing list items are for the metal wire frames for attaching exposed X-ray films to, in order to be dipped into the developing solutions. It says dental hangers, very small, and the 14 X 17 are the standard large medical ones for chest, abdomen, films. From the numbers listed, there must have a lot more items in the box.
Great find, and such a good price too.

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Mon Jan 05, 2009 01:36

Re your question "I'm wondering if anyone would be able to tell by the pictures if the crate style dates to before that?"

I have a similar though "rougher" crate which dates to the 1940's, also for dental equipment. Don't know if it was made during the war, or just after. It also has a Louisville shipping label, but is not nearly as intact as yours.

Will try posting pictures. It's rather small, about the size of an old fashioned "orange crate".

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Mon Jan 05, 2009 04:08

LOL, I am from Louisville and did not know they made things like that. My grandmother helped make LST's and another great aunt worked for a quartermaster depot. I know that GE made planes and parts during the war. That is just an interesting bit of history about my hometown. Sorry I know it has nothing to do with the subject.

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