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WW2 US MRC Forum Management

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 15:02
by Ben

This thread has been created to allow you to easily identify members of our Forum's management team. You can view a member's profile simply by clicking on their name from the list below. Please do not contact a management member directly regarding technical queries or other problems relating to use of the Forum. Instead, please use the Forum Technical Support area to have your issue resolved. Please note that the names shown in parentheses after each user's username is their real name. It is included for reference. Email addresses for the management team are available by special request. Please send a Private Message to the relevant member in order to obtain their email address. This privilege is offered at the discretion of the individual member.

Ben (Ben Major)
Alain (Alain Batens)

docdean64 (Roger Dean Jr.)
sgtpeter (Peter)
TenthA86 (David Little)

Ben :P

Re: WW2 US MRC Forum Management

Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 20:02
by Ben
Just wanted to let the Forum members know that we have now appointed TenthA86 as another Moderator of the site.

Ben :)