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Update as of 09.01.07

Wed Jan 10, 2007 00:07

Just a quick post to inform the forum that a new article has been uploaded to the website relating to the Chaplain Corps.

It can be accessed by using either the menu to the left hand side, and selecting the sub-option from the Articles link, or alternatively please click the link below:

The Chaplain Corps

We would be most grateful for your thoughts on this new addition to the site.

Many thanks,

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Sat Jan 13, 2007 19:19

This is one of the most concise articles about the ChC I've seen. Outstanding effort - very well done. As the Chaplains worked closely with the medics, I am pleased to see this posting here, as this is my alternate impression (Regimental Chaplain)

As an aside, the Army authorized the appointment of 790 black chaplains; by July 1942, 247 were on active duty, 100 overseas. The total for World War I was only 57. Half of the rabbis in America volunteered for the chaplaincy during World War II; 422 received endorsement, 311 served, 2 were killed in action, 2 wounded, 46 decorated for bravery. A Greek Orthodox chaplain was authorized to minister to an all-Greek battalion. A Buddhist chaplain was approved but never accessioned for the 442nd Infantry, entirely composed of Japanese Americans.

Curriculum in WW2 Chaplain's school: The 28-day session included 200 hours of instruction in military organization, customs and courtesies, military law, graves registration, first aid, military administration and chaplain activities. Gas mask drills, calisthenics and outdoor map orientation were also part of the curriculum.
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