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101st Medic help

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 04:12
by DocButzen
I am having a hard time finding 101st Medic pictures. If anyone has any I could really use it! I am not sure what kinda bags to carry as a 101st medic and what goes in them. If anyone knows for the 502nd PIR that would also help!

Doc Butzen

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 08:52
by Ben
Doc Butzen,

The actual kit of an airborne aidmen can be found right here on the site. Please click the link below:

9711600 - Kit, Medical, Parachutist's, Complete

This is the official Medical Department list of equipment which would have been carried by medics. Obviously during the battle situations contents would have varied slightly, with resupply and substitute. Examples of other "rigger-made" bags can be found, although I am not sure as to their use within the 502d PIR.

I hope that helps,

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 02:12
by DocButzen
i have a complete parachutist kit, im just looking for what fashion they carried it weather 2 medic pouchs and suspenders, 1 slung pouch, 1 slung mussette or rigger bag etc, plus the contreversial medic markings

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 22:10
by Ben

I have read accounts of medics pertaining to the 505th PIR actually jumping with both bags into Normandy with them, one bag carrying the contents of Item # 9711600, and another one carrying supplies necessary to establish an Aid Station one on the ground, although have never been able to find any images to support this. Whether or not this was done in the 502d I honestly don't know.

The Rigger Made Airborne Medical bag was actually first developed by officers of the 505th, and designed to be carried by one trooper in every 50, once again to equip an aid station. I can supply a period document which lists the contents of the "Parachute Drop Kit", but once again this pertains to the 505 and not 502d.

As I said before, I'm afraid that's all the information I can offer regarding the specialized airborne medical equipment.

Thanks, and I am sure that someone on the site here will be able to help you further,


Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 23:10
by Ben
As a quick addition, I just stumbled across an after-action report of one CAPTAIN WILLIS P. MCKEE. In his report, Capt. McKee documents that the 326th did actually carry the "Parachute Drop Kit" (or at least I surmise this is the reference). Here is the relevant extract from the report:

In plans submitted to Chief of Staff for the employment of these paratroopers it called for 15 enlisted men and. one officer to jump with each regiment, with 85 containers full of medical equipment, which contained everything necessary for doing major surgery. During the forerunning months we experimented with practically everything that was in our T/E, ampules, plasma, etc. and carried all dressings and bandages before we left in canvas bags in which everything was packed and wrapped in oilskin in case they dropped into the water. They carry two Coleman [527 Burners] stoves and sterilization instruments.

I hope that is of some use,