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Complete Medic Impression

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 02:10
by pvtdoc
Can you supply a complete equipment list an airborne medic would have jumped with. Not just the medic bag..but did he have 1 or 2 canteens if so what kind of belt or how did he attach them. That kind of thing.

So far i have:
M1942 Trousers
M1942 Jacket
Brown Leather jump boots
1 helmet with medic markings

Airborne Medic Impression

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 07:50
by Alain
Hi Pvt,
Just a general remark - if you can, have a look at WW2 pictures of Airborne personnel, and analyze these for details !
Generally speaking, it is not that difficult : you already have the basic M1942 jump coat & trousers - of course this would limit your impression to either N. Africa - Sicily - Italy - Normandy, and so would the jump boots ! For the helmet beware, there were few helmets with Geneva Cross markings during above operations, and as far as checked, it appears markings of a more 'official' nature only sporadically appeared in both the Mediterranean and European Theaters ...
The rest of your outfit should include : OD wool or flannel shirt (long sleeves) - belt suspenders (for jump trousers) or M1937 EM belt - M1936 pistol belt - M1936 suspenders - M1910 dismounted canteen cover - M1910/M1942 canteen + M1910/M1942 cup - M1932/M1942 meatcan + M1926 knife - fork - spoon - horsehide gloves - M1941 wool knit cap - M1936 musette bag - M1910/1924/1942 first aid pouch + individual first-aid packet - M2 jump knife - M1910 intrenching shovel (T-handle) + M1910 carrier for shovel - M1910 axe intrenching + M1910 carrier for axe - M3 trench knife + M6 leather or M-8 OD plastic scabbard - early M1942 training gasmask (Mediterranean Theater) or M1944 black assault gasmask (D-Day and later operations) ... ALL equipment is of khaki shade
Basic medical equipment should include : single canvas pouch with or w/o insert + one litter carrying strap for above - one cantle ring strap - full contents (depending on rank and specialty) - one (or two) Geneva Convention brassard with safety pin - one parachute first aid packet - one extra canteen (for casualties) ...
Specific airborne items : T-5 main parachute + harness - T-5 reserve parachute - B3 life preserver vest ...
I think this pretty well covers it all - should you have more questions, just fire away ... bear in mind, it all depends on what specific period of time and what unit you want to portray ... please consult our pages on medical kits, markings, identification, there's plenty to read on the subject .
Good luck,
Alain (MRC)

Airborne Medic Impression

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 17:44
by Alain
I forgot to mention an important personal item > Dog Tags !
Needless to add, that medical personnel often used SPECIAL 'rigger-made' bags and cases, or extra medical items, as per recommendations from the Regimental Surgeon, or according to the nature of the combat operation to expect ...
I trust you received my previous message .
All the best,
Alain (MRC)

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 22:57
by pvtdoc
Thanks a bunch

follow up

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 21:46
by pvtdoc
It has been some time since i first made this post. I would just like to thank everyone who has helped me. my impression has come a long way and so has my knowledge of the subject. A big thanks to firetoad for posting all those great pdf files.

- Pvtdoc

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 22:18
by Ben

Many thanks for your kind words. I'm glad that the site and its readers were able to help you to build your impression. If you'd like to share some pictures of your impression, we'd certainly like to see what you have put together.

Thanks again,
Ben :)