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EMT Book

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 20:28
by mec1945
Okay, I'm trying to nail down the last few items in my impression so that I'm ready to role for my first tactical coming up this next year. I have all the PDF's to make the EMT book but want to make sure I understand how it goes.
If I have read the info correct on this website, the book had 20 tags a sheet of carbon and a copy behind each tag. So I would have the tag, carbon page and another behind it Correct? And do that 20 times to make a complete book?


Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 21:19
by Ben

The EMT booklet was made up in the way that you describe. The "card" sheet came first, then followed by the carbon paper sheet. After that was the "paper" sheet. So in theory the booklet should actually contain 60 'pages', which will leave only 20 paper tags once the book is complete, since both the cardboard tag and the carbon paper were removed upon completion.

I hope that helps, and looking forward to seeing your impression!

All the best,
Ben :)

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 21:56
by mec1945
Thanks! Just wanted to make sure I understood it. When I get it finished up, I'll post some pictures.

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 22:01
by GauzeBandage
Try I've bought Medic Set 1 (Excellent Medical Gear by the way), and the EMT books are excellent. They are 5-paged, though.

This is a personal photo I took when I got it: ... ear005.jpg

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 22:13
by Ben
Or better still, try the ones in our For Sale section :) I can vouch that they are 100% accurate:

Ben :D

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 22:45
by GauzeBandage
Oh, I didn't see that! Looks cool!