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Doc! Medic Impression (1st Mar. Div and 82nd ABN)

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 22:29
by GauzeBandage
Here are my pictures of my gear from my two impressions. They are not finished Impressions, but I though you might like to see.

My M-1 Helmet, without Decals but with F/A packet. (I am getting Decal Helmet soon.) ... ear002.jpg

Leggings, M-1938 ... ear003.jpg

M-1936 Musette Bag ... ear004.jpg

M-1910 Canteen Cover ... ear005.jpg

My M-1 Helmet (Same helmet, but with USMC Helmet Cover): ... SMC001.jpg

3rd Pattern USMC Canteen Cover: ... SMC002.jpg

Now, I haven't taken pictures of all my gear, so here is my list of things (Good for beginners, I have been researching for a long time on this)

82nd Airborne:

M43 Field Uniform
Two Medic Bags with Inserts, Type 1
M1C Helmet, With Decals
Roughout Boots
M36 Leggings
M36 Musette Bag
Plasma and IV
Parachute First Aid Kit

1st Marine Division:

[color=red]P41 Uniform Set
M-1 Helmet with Cover
USMC Pistol Belt
3rd Pattern Canteen Cover an Two 1st Pattern
USN Corpsman Pouches and Yoke
Medic Gear and inserts
USMC First Aid Pouch