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PTO Medic

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 23:27
by indiosbravos
Hello I'm trying to put up a Medic Impression for PTO with focus on the Philippine Island. (Bataan/Corregidor)

I'm wondering what gear they have used since most of the US army there at the start of the War was still equipped with WW1 webbings and uniforms (not to mentioned uniforms adapted to tropic region). The webbing and uniforms that we're familiar with in ETO never existed at the start of the War. (in PTO at least).

At the moment my impression was Philippine Scout Infantry Division, my aim was to put up a 12th Medical Regiment (Philippine Scouts) - Philippine Division

Thank you. Any help and corrections will be highly appreciated.

12th Med Regt (PS)

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 21:26
by Alain
Hi Private,
I am not very familiar with accoutrements in the PTO, but I'll give it a try .
Apart from the overall (there probably were exceptions) 'chino' type of clothing (beige summer cotton) was the typical attire (1941-42) which included 'khaki'-colored webbing, with basic M1917A1 helmet, M1936 pistol belt, M1928 Haversack (or WW1 issue), if not worn, separate M1936 Suspenders (or WW1 issue), M1938 Canvas Leggings, Service Shoes, M1910 Canteen Cover, M1910 or M1924 First Aid Packet Pouch, (and according to AR applying to oversea theaters, maybe the early type of Gas Mask), maybe a Bolo Knife, and for Medics, the specific Suspender and 2 Canvas Pouches, or a single Pouch w/o Suspender (for Officers) . As the Suspender + Pouches were already available (see our different Articles) they were certainly worn in that period (unless WW1 left-overs were still around overseas) .
Just my two cents - anybody else, feel free to add or amend ...
Alain :wink:

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 22:52
by indiosbravos
Thanks Alain..and Happy New Year. Hope the site Keep on Running.

12th Med Regt D.I.

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 23:37
by Alain
Btw , I still don't know your first name ?
With regard to the 12th Med Regt's D.I. I was wondering whether the shield was not maroon ? while your illustration looks more grey to me ?
Official heraldry designation gives following description : an Abaca tree (brown trunk + green leaves) on a maroon shield, contained within an orle entwined with two serpents paleways (all silver), and with motto "conservamus" (yellow on silver scroll) .
All the best ,
Alain :)

Re: PTO Medic

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 16:38
by indiosbravos
Hi sorry for the long delay in my reply.

I'm Lawrence of Filipino Decent hence this impression was dear to me.

You're right but two DI of the same designs but different background colour was produced and issued.


The thing with PTO 12th medic impression was it was very basic. No obvious " red cross signs" The Japanese will shoot them first, or any ETO medic webbing (this was according to Sgt.Dionisio Perez the lone 12th medic survivor all he can remember was they were wearing WW1 uniforms/gears, listening to him was like picturing a "doughboy"- I spoke to him). He told me that when the Japanese bombed one of their medical installations and thus killing most of the people there, Mac Arthur was so angry and ordered all his medic to carry a side arm. I've spoken to the son of a former litter man, Dr. Maravilla, he told me that his father always carry an M1 garand while doing his duty on the field. So really my impressions will just look like a regular infantry I think with guns.... Some guy I spoke from Pinoyhistory forum (heavy on PTO Philippines) said that they might have used a WW1 dressing belt. There is one picture I came across that had the Medic's Kelly helmet painted with a small red cross on the side. I'm awaiting the delivery of the book Bataan Diary by P. Ashton, he was a 12th Medical Infantry Doctor hopefully there will be some mention there of gears. You see the Philippines was attacked by the Japanese at the same week that Pearl Harbour was. US joined WWII but ETO was the focus. PTO Marines gears are totally different. Philippines was left to defend it self with whatever US and Filipino Army that was already there. Then they fall the Japanese valiantly. Then they were liberated ,this' the time that all the ETO gears and uniforms reached the shore. So really an impression of WWII Philippines to be accurate should be Prewar Philippines. Just my opinion. Feel free as well to correct me and add to this.