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Iodine swabs

Sat Feb 07, 2009 19:19

Hi all.
I'm looking into making repoductions of these. I have'nt got any originals to work from so your help is needed. I've managed to get most of the info except the dimentions of the component parts. Any info would be most welcome
Thank you inadvance :)

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Sun Feb 08, 2009 05:58

Are you trying to reproduce the swabs themselves, or the box? I think you can find the swabs pretty cheap on e-bay. Or, I can take some pictures and measurements of the ones I have. If your looking for the box, try Doc Hoovies Yahoo group. Mike

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Mon Feb 16, 2009 00:36

I agree with Skypig -- pick some up, they're around $10ish last time I checked.

I still think it's possible to reproduce these, but it's going to be a pain in the butt. Here are my thoughts on the matter:

- Take some glass tubing of the appropriate diameter. Heating it over a flame close and finish one end like the bottom of a test tube (rounded)
- Heating it over a flame, mostly close off the other tip, although you'll be closing it off in a point.
- Fill with iodine (is iodine flammable?)
- Close off the end. You're going for a pointed end that can easily be snapped off.
- Take some tubular shoelaces in an off-white color. You'll need to cut them to the correct length after sewing across the lace twice (I believe once with red thread, once with blue thread).
- Slip the lace over the iodine glass from the pointy end.
- Dip in hot wax. I'm assuming this step would adhere the lacing to the glass, but it may not.
- Wrap your reproduction label around the lacing and dip it again.

These little iodine things are complicated. Again, if you really want to reproduce them, purchase some originals and study their construction carefully. I don't think measurements alone will get you there. :-P

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Re: Iodine swabs

Wed Jul 15, 2009 16:59

Hey fellows!

I was inspired by Trevor and Taylorde (thanks guys!) and managed to produce some iodine swabs repros. Im sure its not a perfectly done job but it's a nice substitute for original iodine. Plus you can throw it into one of your medical bags (demonstration purposes or displays) and not be afraid of destroying a real ww2 iodine set (during reenactments,battles , tacticals, manouvers whatever).
Okay, how did i do this? I simply printed out PDF files for the box, tried to add some yellow color to make it look a bit old. For the swabs themselves I grabed some ampules of Ketonal -a painkiller, i checked and for all i know its not available in the States...but that actually doesnt matter so much. You just need some brown/dark glass ampules of whatever you can get i suppose. Next get a tubular shoe lace and slip it over an ampule, sew it at the end (i used Taylorde's tips and used red and blue threads). Put a label on the ampule by means of some paper glue. Dip it in a hot wax - I actually used a burning candle and spread the wax over the label and the shoelace to adhere it to the glass.

Again, thank you Taylorde for the swbas production guide :P

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