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14th Liaison Squadron

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2010 15:19
by medevac
I wanted to announce that we have medical spots in our unit. We portray the 14th Liaison Squadron, which was attached to 3rd US Army in WWII. The squadron flew Stinson L-5's and we have a membership with various WWII Liaison Squadron aircraft. I own and fly Stinson L-5E 44-17543, veteran of ETO. If you are not interested in doing medical impression, we welcome other members. The 14th LS had aircraft maintenance, quartermaster, rigger, intelligence, operations, transportation, engineering and cook staff.

Requirements for you to be medical staff: At least a state EMT certificate or license, RN, PA, MD, DO also welcome, medical experience, interest in flying, acceptance by our group.

Requirements for you to be other squadron personnel: Attendance at our annual field maneuver at Massey MD, acceptance by our group.

Re: 14th Liaison Squadron

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 07:51
by WS-G
Something similar here in Texas would be great as well. My own impression -- based on one of the characters in a period novel I'm also working on -- is a dual-rated AAF Service Pilot and Flight Surgeon of the Combat Glider Training School.