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Stock Number Medal / Decoration

Wed May 30, 2007 19:41

Hi Everyone,
While not directly linked to the Medical subject, though it is mentioned in one of our articles - I'm hard looking for the correct WW2 Stock Number of the PURPLE HEART Medal .
Stock Nos. are usually indicated on the small labels that appear at one of the ends of the small blue cardstock boxes (yes, the cheap version, not the 'presentation case' version), and are identified as 71-M-... (+3 digits), such as 71-M-945 Victory World War II, or 71-M-927-75 European, African, Middle Eastern Campaign - EAME, or 71-M-913 American Defense . Other versions are designated by the following Stock No. 71-D-370 Good Conduct Medal, or 71-D-357 Bronze Star, or 71-D-415 Soldier's Medal, etc. It should be noted that some Decorations / Medals are designated "D", while others are indicated by "M" . I still haven't found the reason for these TWO different designations . Thks for looking . Regards, Alain (MRC) :)
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