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Wed Aug 08, 2007 04:08

I have the following items for sale: medical, civilian, WWII, post-WWII, etc.
Early War Aeronautical First Aid Kit Case (No Contents) $15 SOLD
(From left to right, top to bottom)
(All items have partial contents at minimum, most full)
5” x 5 yd Gerbro Muslin Bandage, Early Post-War Stock No. $4
Halperin Cotton Eye Pads & Adhesive Strips, WWII $2
HWD 1/5 oz. Foot Powder Package, WWII $3
Davis Safety Triangular Bandage $4 SOLD
Halperin 4” Gauze Bandage $4
Parke Davis 4” x 4” Bandage, Gauze, Compress, WWII $4
Bell Systems Wire Splint, $4
J&J Carlisle Bandage, Waxed Box, WWII $6 SPF
Halperin 4” Bandage Compress, Cello Wrapped $4
Halperin 4” x 4” Bandage, Gauze, Compress, WWII $4
MSA Iodine Swabs $3
Small Battle Dressing, Naval WWII $7
Halperin, Bandage Compress $4
Davis Iodine Swabs $4 SOLD
MSA 1” Adhesive Compresses $4
Small Battle Dressing, Naval WWII $7
Halperin 1” Adhesive Comrpesses $4
Davis Eye Pads $5 SOLD
Bistoury, Sharp-Pointed, Straight, WWII NOS $12
Self Explanatory, Early Post-War Stock No.’s, $4 ea.
Wool On Wool, Corporal Stripes, WWII $5
Wool On Wool, Corporal Stripes, WWII $5
Embroidered, Corporal Stripes, WWII $6
1939, Original, Finnish Magazine, $7
“C” Ration, Fuel Tablet Boxes $4 ea.
Restored WWII Gas Casualty Kit, Internal Label for Post-War 12 Unit First Aid $14
American Dietaids 100 Tablet Halazone Bottles (17 total) $3 ea.
100 Tablet Halazone Bottle $4
J&J Red Cross Cotton, One Ounce $6
J&J Large, First Aid Drawing, Carlisle Model $6
Sixth Army Group Patch, WWII $4
American White Cross 2” x 6 yd. Gauze Bandage, $2 ea.
Acme Cotton Products 2” x 6 yd. Gauze Bandage $2
Pfeiffer’s Mercurochrome, One Ounce $6
Black Silk Suture Spool, Early Post-War Stock No. $2
Curity Adhesive Tape, 3” x 5 yd. $5 SOLD
Park Davis 1” Adhesive Plaster $7 SPF
April 1947 National Geographic, Signal Corps Pigeon Service Article $8
2 oz. Oil Can $6
1944 Packboard Shelf $5
Pliofilm Waterproof Rifle Cover $4
Military, 50’s ?, Safety Razor $10
Skat Repellent, Insect $7 SOLD
Repellent, Insect, Original Bottles but someone put repro labels on them $5 ea.
Civilian Tabloid Snake Bite Kit $12
1947, Coleman 530 Stove, Don’t know if it works $10
Self Explanatory, Early Post-War Stock No. $4

Prices do not include shipping. Email me for quotation.

Thanks for looking!!!!!!!
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Wed Aug 08, 2007 08:41

Hi Todd,

Thanks for posting the items here on the forum.

I've sent you an E-Mail :)

Thanks again, and look forward to hearing from you,

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