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ambulance parts for WCs

Fri Jan 30, 2009 09:51

My friend who is restoring an early 9 flat back is starting to make the hard to make parts for WC ambulances. He is casting them with a silicone bronze metal and not a cheap pot metal. The handles loops and rear door handle are correct on 9s, 18s, 27s, and 54s. All the cast parts will be in a limited run of a few weeks so buy yours now. He has a few days selected to use the furnace at a mill and cast them himself saving on cost. After those days he can make them but at another mill and he won't be casting them and the price will go up.

handles for the boxes will be $15 each

loops the single kind that go on boxes $10 each

right rear inside rear door handle $20 each

1/2 ton boxes $300 each with lids, handles and loops

Things being done in near future

rear seat double bracket for 1/2 tons these are very rare to find the price will be announced depending on order size

iv brackets and the roof stretcher brackets

wall mounted stretcher brackets in near future 1/2 ton with rounded edge or 3/4 ton minus the short one on 3/4 until we find a pattern non rounded edges.

Email Scott at

I personally have a WC 18 frame for sale with axles and transfer case $400. WC 54 right rear box with lid handle and one loop 350.

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