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Packet, First-Aid, Individual Aircrew Member

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 08:01
by Alain
I don't know whether you received my 2 PMs, as a matter of fact I never received a reply. So, I'll just give you my comments on the Forum.
The item I purchased July 16 arrived yesterday for which my thanks.
Based on your illustrations I was aware some of the contents did not match the 'original' ones , but I was mainly interested in the box which I had been looking for, that was the main reason for my P.O.
Anyway, I just wish to remark that the ONLY correct item in the box were the Water Purification Tablets. The remainder were NOT.
First Aid Instructions & Directions > postwar commercial issue (dated Sep 55)
6 Iodine Swabs > WW2 issue (Oct 42)
2 Compressed Gauze Bandage > WW2 USN issue (Jun 43)
2 Adhesive Tape > postwar commercial issue
1 Tongue Suppressor > doubtful if it is genuine ?
6 Sterilized Handy Bandage > bandaids > WW2 issue
1 Boric Acid Ointment > WW2 issue
(you avoided showing the correct WW2 contents, listed inside the cover)

Caution: if you hesitate or have doubts whether an item is WW2 related or not, I would strongly suggest to ask around, or post a message, like you did for some of the clothing items you offered for sale.
Btw, I'm afraid some of the prices you quote for incomplete items are not realistic ...

Re: Packet, First-Aid, Individual Aircrew Member

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 08:18
by Bob M

I have not recieved any of your PM's considering complaints about the Aircrew FA box. If you are not happy about the FA kit, you can always return it to me for refund. About my prices, well: if you think they are too high, please send me your best offer. I'am always willing to think about offers.


Re: Packet, First-Aid, Individual Aircrew Member

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 17:27
by milsurvive
Didn't this kit have a small tube of Boric Acid Ointment as part of its inventory????

Re: Packet, First-Aid, Individual Aircrew Member

Posted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 09:24
by Alain
The illustration that Bob forwarded on this forum indeed shows a tube of Boric Acid Ointment (WW2 item), BUT this item does NOT belong to the F-A Packet !

For your info the kit should contain the following items:

First Aid Dressing (Item No. 9206100)
Morphine (Item No. 9118700)
Sulfadiazine Tablets (Item No. 9120400)
Petrolatum (Item No. 9116500)
Benzedrine Sulfate (Item No. 9102925)
Water Purification Tablets (Item No. 9121805)
Safety Pins (Item No. 7878000)
Adhesive Tape (Item No. ?)

Our intention is to prepare a small Article about subject kit for the Website.
Thanks for your interest.
AIain :wink: