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How do you call this

Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2016 18:54
by belchi
Hello everyone,

I do not speak English and I would like to know how you name the objects that are in the picture

items 1, 2 and 3


thank you

Re: How do you call this

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 13:20
by medicall
Hello Belchi,
my English is not perfect,but I think help you for your request.
N° 1 On the head of the surgeon we can see a part of "tubular jersey" STOCKINET ITEM 2039000_ITEM 2040000- ITEM 2041000 (3 sizes). Originally made for apply on the arm or leg before plaster application.
This tubular jersey was cut on dimension and size and close on top with adhesive plaster.
Normally it is not regular CAP OPERATING, but this use is better to retain perspiration.
CAP OPERATING looks like a "garrison"in white cotton withe 3 sizes Small- Medium -Large ITEM 9916005 -ITEM 99160010 - ITEM 99160015, but the laundry can't replace these caps quickly.
On my photos hereafter we can see some Caps Operating with a black mark H.M it is a mark by French Army for reuse 'Hôpitaux Militaires'
N°2 MASK SURGICAL ITEM 2025400, in white cotton and metal modeling for nose.
N° 3 GOWNS OPERATING 3 sizes Small- Medium-Large ITEM 7160005 -ITEM 7160010 -ITEM 7160015
See on photo a gown (Large). It is strange with the breast pocket.!! During my career I never seen a surgeon write a note during dissection.!!
I hope that my answers satisfy you.
With my friendly salute.
Documentation: my own collection and Medical Supply Catalog March 1, 1944.

Re: How do you call this

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 19:50
by belchi
Hi médicall

These are exellents information.

do you know a dealer who would sell two of each ( CAP OPERATING and mask surgical)

If I could write English as you do , I'd be happy. but French and Spanish are not useful here ^^

Thank you for your invaluable help