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C-1 Emergency Sustenance Vest

Fri Feb 22, 2008 13:10

In order to complete contents of my WW2 USAAF C-1 Vest, I'm still looking for following items :
First-Aid Kit > compact rectangular transparent plastic waterproof case + instruction sheet
Ten-Yards Gauze Bandage + Sulfanilamide Powder > cellophane container, or waterproof case (not sure how it looked)
Mosquito Repellent > small rectangular metal can (I believe it is OD)
While at it; I still need more items such as :
Package Toilet Tissue > rectangular cellophane case + 14 Fire-Starting Tabs > square lozenge-like tablets in transparent plastic waterproof case + Fishing-Sewing Kit > transparent plastic container + instruction sheet +
20-Shot .45 Cal Cartridges > rectangular cardboard box + 2 Parachute Rations > rectangular tin container with round edges + Signal Whistle > small light plastic item with 2 diff. tones + Oil Container > rectangular transparent plastic container with spout + 5-Minute Signal Flares (red) - Thks, Alain :)
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