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Medical Items WANTED

Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:49

Hi Guys,
Still looking for :
M-1 Eye Dressing Set (amended)
M70 Addressograph Imprinting Machine + Box
M-2 Eye Dressing Set
8 Sulfadiazine Tablets (The Anacin Mfg Co Co, Knoxville, TN)
Anesthesia Apparatus, Endotracheal, Complete
Sphygmomanometer, Aneroid
Adapter, Syringe Luer, 30-cc (2 x)
Syringe, Luer, 30-cc (1 x)
Needle, Spinal Puncture, 22-gage (1 x)
Needle, Syringe, Luer, 22-gage, 3-inch canula (2 x 12s)
Needle, Syringe, Luer, 25-gage, 1/2-inch canula (2 x 12s)
Needle, Syringe, Luer, 22-gage, 1-inch canula (1 x 12s)
Thanks - Alain :)
Needle, Syringe, Luer, 17-gage, 3-inch canula (1 x 12s)
Cup, Enamelware (4 x)
Graduate, enamelware, 60-cc (2 x)
Graduate, enamelware, 500-cc (1 x)
Stethoscope, Blood Pressure, Bracelet Type (1 x)
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