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Plasma bottle

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 00:07
by jumpwings
Wanted for ambulance impression (to begin with) a set of plasma bottles...Also, any information one can give to what would be in ambulance...

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 23:40
by sgtpeter
Hey Jumpwings -

First welcome to the Forum. Folks here have a lot of info regarding medical stuff.

As for plasma bottles, do a searchfor plasma. There have been several discussions about repro bottles already. Ebay sometimes has a guy selling a repro bottle but know about its quality.

Good luck on the ambulance. What model do you have? You can check this prior post on WC54 medical equipment or the article on Ambulancesif you are looking for the medical components. If you haven't found it yet, the WW2 Dodge forum is a great resource for the vehicles themselves. There are several articles specific to the WC54 and its 1/2 ton siblings.

Is there any specific info you are looking for?

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 02:58
by tractor
I have very few spare ambulance parts left. If anyone is looking for the 54s right rear box thats all I have but know someone that is making double bracket seats, box parts, 1/2 ton boxes, right rear door knobs and more pm me

Re: Plasma bottle

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2009 06:44
by 82nd_medic