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Looking for torn, worn out or unserviceable uniform items

Sun Aug 22, 2010 06:56

I am looking at gathering damaged, torn, ripped, worn out, or otherwise unusable (from an appearance standpoint) uniform shirts and pants (both Allied and German). The reason I ask is because I am working on putting together a medical unit and will need uniform items for the "casualties" that no one will care if they get damaged, cut off or stained by fake blood. We are looking at actually demonstrating casualty care beyond the company aidman level and therefore we will be doing moulage, etc. If anyone has any uniforms they are looking to get rid of or were planning to throw out, please let me know as I am willing to pay a small price per item (although if you're just throwing stuff out, I would prefer just to pay shipping and call it even). Feel free to PM me.

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