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Finding Locations of Medical Treatment

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 01:25
by mttmcc
Hi there,

Does anyone on this forum know how I might go about discovering where my grandfather would have been treated for an extended period while the Battle for Okinawa was till underway? My grandfather was 7th Infantry and he was injured before landing at Okinawa. (While entering his landing craft, the man above him was injured or fell and the butt of his rifle struck my grandfather in the face.) I know from letters he sent home that he was evacuated "somewhere in the Marianas Islands," but he could not say specifically where.

My grandfather did not like discussing the war, and so my family never really got many details after his return. We only have the letters. We are trying to put together a basic timeline to then engage in further research. I thought that the experts on this forum might be able to speak to where in the Marianas an Infantryman might have been evacuated at this point in the war (1 April 1945). Perhaps Guam or Saipan? He ended up losing an eye, and so this moment in his service was very consequential.

Thank you for any help.