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K-RAT Components

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 08:54
by Alain
Hi Guys,
Can somebody provide me with a decent and readable illustration of the Beverage Packets included in K-Rations, such as Bouillon Powder and Lemon Juice Powder, both obverse & reverse texts, and an illustration of a Fruit Bar ... needed for reproduction purposes .
Thanks a lot .
Best regards,
Alain :)

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2008 04:17
by TenthA86
Did you ever obtain the PDFs you were looking for?

K-Rat Components

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2008 09:00
by Alain
I did not receive any reaction yet - but have meanwhile found a decent photo copy of the text for both Synthetic Lemon Juice Powder and Bouillon Powder - still looking for a Fruit Bar and a Baby Ruth Bar though ...
Thanks for checking current status - appreciate your concern .
Alain :)

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 19:51
by Dutch Medic
Alan,look at ;

regards Jaap


Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 20:01
by Dutch Medic
Iam sorry,wrong one.
Typ, The World War II Combat Medic



Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 23:23
by TenthA86


Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 23:26
by TenthA86
sugar & more

Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 23:29
by TenthA86
gum & Choc

Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 23:32
by TenthA86
lemon roll

Ration Items

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 09:02
by Alain
Hi David,
Stop, I can't take it anymore man ... where in hell, did you find all this stuff ? Thanks a million for your kind help . I will download same and compare with some of the 'goodies' in my collection .
Will let you have my comments asap pal !
Best regards,
Alain :D

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 20:34
by TenthA86
I've got more when you are ready!

Send me an e-mail at, and I'll send you more. Med stuff, too!

Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2009 23:56
by jumpwings
Don't want to step on anyones toes, but after four years of research (and waking up in the middle of many a cold winters night, and summer' I cannot find ANY reference to a cereal bar in the K rations, there is however, one small ditty mentioned in the QMC report (1944) as regards to the C rations, a "cereal disc"...So, the cereal bar in the K ration is in my opinion wrong, unless someone can provide with serious evidence to the contrary...

Grape juice powder was a beverage which came in the C rations, late war...

Want to talk rations?...Check here:
Talk of the K is there somewhere (as well as C, mountain, 10in1, 5in1 etc...) with a photocopy on the 1942 QMC spec for the K as well as othersI got from the museum at Frt Lee....
The bouillon and lemon powder was wrapped in cellophane (or paper) the fruit bar in cellophane also...the D bar in greaseproof paper...Coffee in foil wrapper (dug one up on La Difensa, Italy)...I have original examples of each...

I have the pdfs for all of them on my other pc, as soon as I can I will post (if I can figure them out...Or email me and I will be more than happy to oblige).... 8) :wink: :lol:

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 00:05
by Ben
Here is a reference to the compressed Cereal Bar being included in the Breakfast Unit of the K Ration. This has been taken from the Quartermaster Museum's website:

QM Foundation wrote:As finally specified, the breakfast packet contained a canned meat product, biscuits, a compressed cereal bar, soluble coffee, a fruit bar, gum, sugar tablets, four cigarettes, water-purification tablets, a can opener, toilet paper, and a wooden spoon.


Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 22:32
by jumpwings

Can ye post a link :wink: :?:


Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 22:37
by Ben